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Families Belong Together

Poster by  Fontlove Studio

Poster by Fontlove Studio

We believe that families belong together. 

We will stand up in whatever ways we can to counter the inhumane actions of the Trump administration in separating children from their families.

It is hard to know where to start in confronting a giant problem like this.  The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM) has helpfully provided us with a list of organizations that are working on the ground along the border to support families that could use your support!

The poster up in our cafe was designed and printed by Fontlove Studio, just behind the cafe on 26th. If you have an organization or business that can hang this poster publicly, you are welcome to take one for free, just ask at the counter, or they are available for the cost of shipping online.  

Organizations recommended by ILCM:

Contact Your Representatives

Please contact your senators and congressperson and tell them they need to stand up on this issue!  ILCM has provided phone numbers and sample messages to make it easy.  And for those of us fortunate to have representatives that are actively standing up on this issue, reach out to your friends and family who live in other districts and ask them to contact their representatives.

We know that President Trump and his allies/enablers will continue there multi-faceted attack on our immigrant community.  We hope you'll sign up for the Immigrant Law Center's action alerts to stay up-to-date on opportunities to stand up when the next shocking thing happens.

And if you are interested in joining others from the Common Roots Cafe network in standing up on supporting our immigrant communities, please sign up on our volunteer form below.

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